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Telecom Support Technicians jobs

Telecom Support Technicians

Telecommunication Support Technicians, or Telecom Support Specialists, provide end users with technical support for radio, fiber, microwave, and other telecommunication equipment every day. They are the primary contacts for all types of telecom queries.

Their responsibilities include troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, and overall supervision of data and telecom equipment. It includes supporting telephony hardware and applications, such as analog, ISDN, and SIP, fax, security, modems, video conferencing units, and VoIP, among others. Moreover, they plan and implement all telecommunication network movement, additions, and overall changes.

As technicians have to ensure the satisfaction of their organization/clients, they need to have excellent customer service skills. They have to handle, prioritize, and resolve tickets that the help desk receives and provide topnotch support related to issues concerning telecom applications and operating systems as per the service level agreements (SLAs).

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